EU Code Week 2020 - Registering Your EU Code Week Session

Adding your EU Code Week Activity

Our first session is Quick Start to Coding with Swift Follow-Along Sessions and our Code Week 4 All code is cw20-OPKj0
These sessions are being run as a part of EU Code Week, an initiative to bring coding and digital literacy to everyone in an engaging way.

We are all part of a much broader community, so if you are following along with us in your classroom, we would love it if you registered with EU Code Week.

Go to and enter in the details of your organisation, where you are, what type of students you're running the event with, and, in the Code Week 4 All Code box, we'd be delighted if you used our code: cw20-OPKj0.

The form for your EU Code Week activity.

And that's all there is to it! You'll receive a certificate from EU Code Week for the hard work you put in with your students and with us so they know that they contributed to raise our collective digital literacy that little bit this year.