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  • The Week of 12 April 2021
    • Build your own Swift Playground
    • Get ready for the Swift Student Challenge for WWDC21
    • Watch live or the recording, after the fact

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Coding at Home: The Course

Coding at Home can be taken at any time, so long as you have an iPad and an internet connection.
Each session is around half an hour and is designed to walk you through Apple's excellent Everyone Can Code curriculum in Swift Playgrounds.
Getting Started
How to Take the Course

Learn Swift

Learn Swift, Apple's programming language for making apps. It's a great introductory programming language, and these concepts will translate over to other programming languages, too!

Learn on your iPad

Armed with an iPad and an internet connection you can use this course, the free Swift Playgrounds app, and the free Everyone Can Code Puzzles book to start your programming journey, brush up on your skills, or learn a new programming language.

About The Instructor

Matt Hanlon is a longtime software developer, mentor, teacher, coach, and dad.

He's written software that lives on your laptops, phones, iPads, televisions, in your browsers. He wants to make sure that you can fulfill the promise that #EveryoneCanCode, just with a bit of hard work and perseverance. But he'll help you get there if you want to.

Certified Trainer: App Development with Swift